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Griffin Medical Group - Is now Pro Age Medical & Aesthetics- Center for Anti-Aging & Aesthetics
Griffin Medical Group is "center" for your Anti-Aging and Aesthetic needs. We employ a multitude of fully trained, certified and experienced physicians and nurses to meet your individual needs. We offer a multitude of services that ensure that you are as healthy and vibrant as possible. We treat both men and women, our staff is available to answer any and all questions you may have. Our goal is not only to get you healthy and feeling / looking younger again... but to keep you that way.

Anti-Aging - Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Hormone Replacement Therapy has been around for many years, however over the last 10-15 years we have proven that by prescribing bio-identical hormones, we can eliminate the severe side effects that often accompanied hormone replacement. Pharmaceutical companies have pushed synthetic hormones on the public regardless of side effects strictly for profit. Those days are over, come in for a consult and let us explain why. Want more research? Read the many medical surveys and articles that we have gathered ( reputable independent studies ). Just click HERE.

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Medically Supervised
Weight Loss

.. Lose weight and keep it off with our scientifically designed
and medically supervised weight loss program. This is a comprehensive, customized (individualized) program under the direct supervision of Judi Goldstone , MD. Dr. Goldstone is a board certified internal medicine physician and specialty trained in bariatric medicine (medical weight loss physician) and hormone balancing.

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By utilizing Bio Identical Hormones we can restore your body to a healthy hormone levels, enabling you to feel and look better. Diminish many of the symptoms associated with aging.

Pro Age Medical & Aesthetics


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